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I'm Umair Najeeb Khan, an illustrator, comic book artist and writer from Pakistan. I have a passion for creating scenes that evoke emotions, showcase cultural diversity, and capture the essence of everyday life. My favorite projects to work on are those that revolve around family, fantastical settings, or superheroes.

I am proud to have collaborated with some of the most well-respected names in the industry such as Bloomsbury, Harper Collins, Kids Bolo, PUBG, RestofWorld, BBC, and UNICEF, where I have been able to illustrate for them. When I'm not writing or illustrating, I enjoy playing Jenga, exploring interior design, and perfecting my slowly developing cooking skills.

Rida & Madiya (Chapter Book) - Bloomsbury 2023
Tarik’s Bazaar Adventure (GN) - HarperCollins 2025
Untitled Project (GN) - HarperCollins 2026


You can reach me at

Represented by Jennifer Azantian at Azantian Literary Agency


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